3d Scanning

We can digitally scan and post process a large variety of objects in the file type you need. Our 3d scanning equipment is mobile, made by us and available to the Canberra area.


Personalised bookends

I captured my two kids heads at ages 8 and 10 and we will do it again in maybe 5 years. Its a great memory piece to be shown and talked about for many generations. We make them with the finest concrete, firmly mounted on beautiful hardwood with a plaque of your description. Contact me for you would like to see and feel the quality, and we can arrange a time. 

Scanning adults will give better results than the 2 examples shown here. Adults have more detail and character in their faces which our scanner can capture.


The Process

Its not an easy process, it requires a whole arrange of skills, equipment and knowledge.

  1. In some cases we can come to you to do the scanning, but it is preferred you come to our workshop in Monash. We use a multi camera scanning rig, made up of 10 high detail canon cameras. The scanning rig allows the capturing to happen in an instant. But this overall appointment time can take up to an hour. 
  2. On our 3d modelling programs, we clean up and sometime adjust the 3d model to make it perfect. This can take up to 5 hours, depending on the scan. We get your approval of the 3d model via email.
  3. The model is then 3d printed. We clean, sand and polish the printed model to a very smooth finish. This will take up to 12 hours of printing and polishing 8 hours. 
  4. A wooden box is made around the printed model. We pour laytex rubber in it. The rubber becomes the final concrete mould. Its cleaned and braced for concrete casting. Total time needed approximately 2 days. 
  5. Your selection of concrete is cast into the rubber mould. We brace in some rigid foam, to reduce the weight, and some large nuts for secure fixing to the timber.  Time 3 hours. Waiting time 1 to 2 days.
  6. The bust is demoulded, sanded and hand polished. We can create effects with concrete stains and sand exposure to contrast the hair and face. We seal the bust against stains and oils. Time approx. 1 day.
  7. We cut, stain and seal the best hardwood we can find to create the timber bookend. The bust is fixed into place with two countersunk M10 bolts. Time 4 hours
  8. Your personal plaque is bought and attached. Time 1 hour
  9. We deliver to your door.


Can my wife and I be scanned together into one bust?
Its trickier to do the scanning, but it is possible so it may require more 3d modelling time to prepare the model for 3d printing. I will show you the state of the scanned data.

Can I get duplicates of the bookend?
Yes, we can skip steps 1 to 4 and use the rubber mould again. When finished, I chop and recycle the rubber into larger moulds as back filler. I will give you the 3d printed bust.

Can I buy only the 3d printed version?

Why not just print out an inverted mould? 
Many reasons, go to my How To section to see why.



Head scan and 3d print: $580

Refined 3dprint bookend, sanded and painted: $780

Concrete bookend: $1800 (including the printed version)

Concrete bookend duplicate: $420


Approximate height is 200mm and their weight is 3kgs


How much would I pay somewhere else?

You won't find this anywhere else. Try ringing a 3d scanning, 3d printing and 3d modelling company (you won't find one that does all 3) Ask to get your head printed at 20cm high. Than ring a precast concrete company to see if they would do the rest. You will see a lot of value in this great product.